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Nano-Safety Research Group

Specialists in the assessment of nanomaterial toxicity to human health and the environment

Samantha Donnellan

Sam profileSam studied a BSc in Medical Biochemistry at the University of Glasgow, and then completed an MSc in Forensic Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. Sam worked for the University of Edinburgh for one year as a research assistant working on sharp force trauma before beginning a PhD project in ‘Nanomedicines for the Treatment of Tuberculosis (TB)’. This project is a joint collaboration between Heriot Watt University and the Moredun Research Institute. TB, caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (Mtb), is still a huge problem all over the world and causes the death of up to two million people each year. Current literature suggests that a third of the worlds population are infected with latent TB, therefore research into the mycobacteria that cause this disease is paramount. Nanomedicine is an exciting field of medical science, and as nanomaterials (NMs) can be created to interact with cells/tissues at the molecular level, it has allowed their breakthrough into the medical industry. This project aims to target Mtb where is resides, within the host’s immune cells macrophages, using NMs to kill the organism.


Prof Vicki Stone (School of Life Sciences, Heriot-Watt University)

Dr Karen Stevenson (Moredun Research Institute)


Joint funded by Heriot-Watt University and the Moredun Research Institute

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