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Nano-Safety Research Group

Specialists in the assessment of nanomaterial toxicity to human health and the environment


Nanomicex: Mitigation of risk and control of exposure in nanotechnology based inks and pigments

Staff: Teresa Fernandes, Vicki Stone, David Brown, Birgit Gaiser, Helinor Johnston, Ali Kermanizadeh, John Kinross, Dominique Balharry 

Funding: FP7

Project Website:  http://

Project Aims:

The overall aim is to develop an integrated strategy to ensure the safety of workers dealing with nanomaterials, with specific focus on developing standard techniques to obtain less hazardous and more stable nanomaterials; assess the workers exposure and provide cost effective methodologies to protect workers and the environment from the release of nanomaterials during all stages of the nanotechnology based inks and pigments production, use and disposal. This will be achieved by delivering the following activities:

  • Development of novel methods based on nanomaterial functionalization to reduce hazards caused by potential nanomaterial emissions during ink/pigment-based products life cycle;
  • Toxicological and ecotoxicological evaluation of nanomaterial impacts, selecting methods that are reproducible, simple, non-expensive and reliable;
  • Characterization of exposure scenarios in terms of REACH regulation, including exposure assessment;
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the personnel protective equipment, ventilation, filtration and other control systems in simulated conditions (cleaning room laboratories);
  • Validation and implementation of simple risk management strategies, involving industrial partners.

Our role within the project is to evaluate the hazards posed by unmodified and modified nanomaterials used in the ink and pigment industries to human health and the environment.


  • ITENE (Packaging, Transport and Logistics Research Center) (Spain)
  • ARDEJE (France)
  • Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) (UK)
  • Leitat Technological Center (Spain)
  • Nanotechnology Industries Association(NIA) (Belgium)
  • Pinturas Montó (Spain)
  • PlasmaChem (Germany)
  • Tec Star (Italy)
  • Torrecid (Spain)
  • Yeditepe University (Turkey)

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