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Nano-Safety Research Group

Specialists in the assessment of nanomaterial toxicity to human health and the environment


PATROLS  - Physiologically Anchored Tools for Realistic nanOmateriaL hazard aSsessment

Funding: EU H2020 Jan 2018 - Jun 2021  - Euro's 14 million total (1.2 million to HWU)

Background:  An ever increasing array of nanomaterials, with varying physicochemical characteristics, surface modifications and applications makes it increasingly difficult to assess their safety.  It is not ethical nor financially feasible to test every new nanomaterial in animal models.  However, in vitro models are often criticised for being too simplistic and not sufficiently representative of complex biological tissues for the purpose of hazard assessment.

Goal: PATROLS will establish and standardise a battery of innovative, next generation hazard assessment tools that more accurately predict adverse effects caused by long-term (chronic), low dose NM exposure in human and environmental systems to support regulatory risk decision making.

Within PATROLS Vicki Stone leads the WP responsible for the development of 3D liver sheroid microtissue models, 3D models of different parts of the gastrointestinal tract and contributes to the development of 3D lung models able to predict fibrosis.  In addition, Vicki is contributing to work with zebrafish in order to use this model as an intermediate between human and environmental testing.