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Nano-Safety Research Group

Specialists in the assessment of nanomaterial toxicity to human health and the environment


SUN: Safety in Nanoscale Production and Products

Staff: Vicki Stone and Teresa Fernandes

Funding: EC FP7 Large Scale Integrating Collaborative Project

Project Website:

Project Aims:

This project will focus on the following objectives.

  • Study the longer-term effects of nano objects, agglomerates and aggregates (NOAA) on both human health and environment
  • SUN will design longer-term (eco)toxicity tests with lower exposure concentrations and will focus on issues such as biodistribution, inflammation, histopathology, genotoxicity and epigenetic effects as well as transformation, bioaccumulation, bio-transfer, pool/diversity loss and ecosystem services damage/loss.
  • Understand the release, fate and exposure to NOAA and their risks from lifecycle perspective.
    SUN will adopt a Lifecycle Analysis approach, focusing identification of likely NOAA emissions and exposures arising from each lifecycle stage of real products represented by 8 overarching case studies.
  • Prevent and control risks from exposure to NOAA in occupational, consumer and environmental settings.
    SUN will collate and develop high-quality product and process-specific NOAA release and exposure data libraries and a three-tier inhalation and dermal-to-oral exposure assessment and management tool that will enable much improved consumer and worker protection. The project will introduce innovative SbyD elimination/substitution and waste isolation practices to reduce the release of nanomaterials from products or to induce their accelerated alteration/degradation in order to diminish their environmental exposure and the resulting risks.
  • Achieve safe/sustainable nanomanufacturing. 
  • SUN will identify general Safety by Design criteria to address safe/sustainable nanomanufacturing by developing coating/micronization strategies applied to materials and implementing an innovative Process Analytical Technology early in the process and product development in order to define Process Control Strategies that ensure scale up of safe high-quality products.